Can I just use Ryder's DOT #?

When renting a truck, can I just use my rental companies DOT #?

Can I just use Ryder

DOT#'s on a rental vehicle We get asked a lot of questions from our clients and agency friends about DOT regulations. So we thought we would start posting some of the most common questions and answers.

Q: If I rent a Ryder truck, do I need to display my own company name US DOT # on the side of the truck.

A: It is pretty straight forward in the regulations that you do have to display your Legal Company name and USDOT# as it appears on your MCS-150 form. (minimum of 1.5" tall lettering recommended, contrasting colors and operated by: if any other company names appear on the truck). However, There is an exception for rentals under 30 days. You can use the rental companies USDOT# . The contract must have your legal name and USDOT# as it appears on your MCS-150. A copy of the contract must be carried in the truck. If you want to read the regulations, or just have trouble falling asleep... Leasing requirements §376.11 and §376.12, Marking rules 49 CFR  We will explain the difference between inter and intrastate in another post. Most agencies fall under Interstate commerce rules.