Case Studies

Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ)

Building jets is a risky business.

Major players routinely spend billions of dollars on product development before the first screw is turned.  In addition, they often need to generate excitement and secure orders before the first one rolls off of the assembly line…an expensive gamble for any company, let alone one taking on the first jet designed and built in Japan since the 1960’s.

In order to bolster their chances of success, Japanese aeronautics executives from Mitsubishi decided that they needed to have people experience the aircraft.  But how do you experience a 109 foot, 47 ton max weight passenger jet at 12 different events?

This is where Tour Source soars…

Together with our extensive roster of partners we created what others could not: a custom oversized 12’ by 36’ transport and display solution that housed an actual section of the MRJ’s fuselage.  It allowed people to experience first-hand the comfort and luxury of the innovative design while learning about the MRJ’s impressive aeronautical resume.

Even if it seems impossible, Tour Source is up for the challenge.