Case Studies

Dewar’s Scotch

One of our valued agency partners, Epsilon, came to us with a unique challenge: the Dewar’s Travelling Scotch Whiskey Emporium needed a new vehicle solution that was maneuverable, available on short notice, and able to tow an insert foot, insert pound party on wheels.

Our response: Simple. The Ford F450 is your best option.  But the problem was an almost total lack of available inventory nationwide.

Fortunately for Epsilon and Dewar’s, our extensive international dealer and supplier network, developed over many years of hand shakes…and more than a few Dewar’s on the rocks…moved us to the top of the list.  In just 3 days we were able to secure the perfect F450 under MSRP and outfitted with yet-to-be-released accessories.

Our relationships, knowledge and networks mean that Tour Source can access options and solutions that our competitors simply cannot.