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ABC's of Hours of Service and Tour Routing

Brief explanation of Hours of Service and tips on routing tours.
ABC’s of Tour Routing and Hours Of Service This is meant only as a guide, for the actual hours of service and applicable rules, see Summary of rules 14 hour Rule – A driver may work a maximum of 14 hours in a 24 hour period. This is from the ... » Read More

Can I just use Ryder's DOT #?

When renting a truck, can I just use my rental companies DOT #?
Can I just use Ryder
DOT#'s on a rental vehicle We get asked a lot of questions from our clients and agency friends about DOT regulations. So we thought we would start posting some of the most common questions and answers. Q: If I rent a Ryder truck, do I need to display my own company name US DOT # on the side of the truck. A: It is pretty straight forward in the ... » Read More


There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. So, we decided to try to clear it up for you. While, states, cities, and others all have different definitions and rules, today we are talking about the FMCSA / U.S. DOT regulations. FMCSA Regulations have two definitions, the first pertains to when a CDL is required, the other we will... » Read More